Monday, June 21, 2010

Will You Make Your Longest Day of the Year Count?

Time is nature’s universal truth. It is the one unbiased equalizer among all businesses and entrepreneurs, giving only 24 hours in every day to its time-challenged but demanding master.

Every entrepreneur dreams of their business becoming a fantastic success, but the truth of the matter is, only about 50% of all entrepreneurs will survive the first five years. There is an old adage by Lord Chesterfield, “I recommend you take care of the minutes, for the hours will take care of themselves.” Entrepreneurs, you must live each day by these words.

So what will you do with today? It’s summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Will you use these precious hours to make your entrepreneurial dreams count?

Summer solstice can act as a perfect starting point. You have the most time to start what you have been meaning to start – perhaps dreaming to start. So quit coming up with excuses and stop with the mental road blocks. There is no time like the present. And since today just so happens to be the longest day of the year, it is also the perfect day to start up your business.

Every entrepreneur is motivated by different things, but we all have the same universal challenges. Maybe it is the burden (and stress) of financial responsibility to make your investment of time and money pay off. Perhaps it is the isolation (and loneliness) of working on a project at your kitchen table with no one else is there to bounce ideas off. For many, it is the relentless ticking clock on the wall, an invention that does not keep score each day as the time flies by and the to-do list seems to grow longer instead of getting shorter.

Whatever your challenges are, make today count. The only better time than today to launch your business is yesterday. And let’s face it: there is no way to rewind the clock or squeeze another hour into our already short day. So listen up, aspiring entrepreneurs. Today, take the initiative, just like we did. Make each day count like the rest of us. And as always, be sure to Think Big!

When was the last time that you began something for the first time?

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