Sunday, December 5, 2010

The No-Kidding # 1 Real Secret To Success As An Entrepreneur

Many people have tried for years to find the real secret to making it big as an entrepreneur - but without  much luck. From best selling books to powerful celebrity stacked seminars, self hypnosis mantras to brilliant (and sometimes overpaid) business coaches, the secret to success has eluded even the most determined seekers.

Well.....hold on to your hats. Through some heavy duty investigative journalism, talking to many successful people from all walks of life and even studying video and film until our starry eyed eyes were sore, we have finally figured out the #1 secret.

Drumroll this video!

It's simply hard work. REALLY HARD WORK. Either being too smart, too dumb or too stubborn to know better than to give up, it is the idea that every day and every effort counts. Today just might be the day that never giving up pays offs. Watch the video one more time  (courtesy of ) who helped remind us that through HARD WORK, the play isn't over until "it's over".

Or as Winston Churchill would say, "Never, never, never give up!"

But if it makes you feel any better, this secret will STILL be very safe and kept from most people. You see, most people want the magic bullet, not the grim reality of hard work as the secret to entrepreneurial success.

Now - get back to work!

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