Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How Do You Think Big?

As a part of our countdown to Think Big Kansas City (which was a BIG success on Tuesday!), we put up on contest on LinkedIn to find out how people Think Big.  The winner of the contest (congrats again to Christina Buffa of Keller Williams Northland Partners!) won a free ticket to Think Big Kansas City, their quote on the TBKC slideshow, and facetime with Bill Rancic. 

But we didn't want to forget about all of the other Big Thinkers out there.  Here are some of our favorite answers from our LinkedIn contest. 

How Do You Think Big?

"Forget about what everyone else is doing and focus on what they're not - then capitalize on it.  That is how you gain strategic advantage."  - Duke Getzinger

"Be unique and simple." - Brian Bush

"When you finally find that big idea, treat it like the day your wife told you she was pregnant.  Be there every step of the way: the first scan, the birth, those first teeth and steps, life's little accidents, the first achievements.  Your idea will grow with all your passion and belief in the wonder of life." - Ian McMonagle

"Meditate on the fact that you are a limitless individual and your limits are hinder only by what you are not willing to do." - Suzette DeCruize

"Ingredients to Thinking Big: First you will need the following; imagination, motivation, optimism, determination.  Take one brain full of "good ideas" (preferably new), take one white board of "crazy approaches that no one would try".  Combine the two and mix until success (this may take awhile, but don't give up!" - Corey Weddington

"Thinking Big...never, never, never give up on your dreams!  They may not seem big to anybody else, but they are yours.  Dreams can't get any bigger than that!" - Jeff Miner

"Take your current vision or plan and make it Bigger.  If you're selling in the US, why not sell in Europe or Asia?  If you're in one niche market, why not go for two?  Nobody changed the world by not trying and thinking small!" - Jim West III

"Think big but plan small steps.  All ideas have big and small forms.  Some of the largest small businesses were built one brick at a time." - Daniel Symes

"By constant pursuit of knowledge.  The more you learn, the more things become possible to you.  The more you know, the Bigger you can think.  Anything is possible!"  - Joe Elkjer

"My husband and I have created a franchise system despite the fact that we had no business background or experience prior to owning our moving company 3.5 years ago.  We are Thinking Bigger by rebranding our current operation to an affordable, national franchise system for American business owners, while enhancing and improving the customer's moving experience." - Dana Ward

Thanks for telling us how you Think Big!!

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