Monday, May 16, 2011

TBKC Speaker Joe Zwillenberg: "Entrepreneurship Keeps a City Going"

Joe Zwillenberg of
Westport Flea Market
“I always get excited to do these type of events.  I love being around people who do not need a cup of caffeine to get out of bed in the morning!” said Joe Zwillenberg of the Westport Flea Market.
Joe’s enthusiasm comes from his anticipation for Think Big Kansas City on May 24th.  As a panelist on Lessons Learned from Kansas City Entrepreneurs You May Not Have Heard Of, Joe is excited to tell is entrepreneurial story.  With a true “rags to riches” startup history, Joe plans to cover the ups and down of entrepreneurship, share the benefits of hard work, and teach people that if they work hard, they can do whatever they want. 
“Entrepreneurship is a driving factor in any city,” said Joe.  “It keeps a city going.  Small business brings a lot to the table.  It drives everybody.”
Join Joe with panelists Scott Mize, Adam Coomes and Tyler Prochnow as they cover their small business success stories in Kansas City at TBKC on May 24th! 
Written by Allison Way

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