Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Camp...Minus the Ticks, Stuffy Cabins and Teenage Counselors

Finally...a camp for grownups with complex problems.

It's that time of year again: time for summer camp.

But I'm not talking about horse back riding, friendship bracelets, and tick examinations.  I'm talking about Summer Creativity Camp- a camp for grownups with complex problems. 

Summer Creativity Camp is an 8-week program in Kansas City in which adults can learn how to get their child-like creativity back.  Camp occurs every Monday from noon until 4:30 PM and includes lunch.  Check out what you'll experience in this 8-week summer camp experience:

WEEK 1:  Introduction.  Creative thinking and its value + meet the counselors and your tribe.

WEEK 2: Creative capabilities.  From the frontlines of business and science.

WEEK 3:  Modeling creativity.  How to map your opportunity landscape.

WEEK 4:  Creative problem solving.  A proven, systematic and intuitive approach.

WEEK 5:  Insight-inspired innovation.  Capitalizing on strategic stakeholder conversations.

WEEK 6:  Creative collaboration.  Tribes compete in the Innovation Challenge.

WEEK 7:  How to facilitate creative collaboration.  Tips and training.

WEEK 8:  CreativityxDesign.  Developing strategies to share and evolve your learning. 

Camp begins July 11th and runs through August 29th (occurs every Monday).  Summer Creativity Camp will take place at bizperc (1800 Baltimore) on the 6th floor.  For more information, visit or call 913-396-2799.
Written by Allison Way.

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