Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Entrepreneur Corner Photo Recap

bizperc and Think Big Partners were proud to host the first ever Entrepreneur Corner during First Fridays last weekend.  It was an evening full of great art, entrepreneurship and fun!  Here is a glimpse of what went down last Friday night. 

Sculpture artist Donna McCullough shared a selection of her works from The Scream Collection with the First Fridays attendees. 

"My Mommy is 12. 94,000 Pins Can Kill. "

"Disposable Kids"

The halls of bizperc were brought to life by Adam Hoffman's photography. 

Two of Adam's stunning landscapes.

Things I can now associate with great art: a praying mantis and a glacier. 

KCWiseGuide was there to promote their local iPhone and Android app featuring Kansas City's best events, attractions, restaurants and more! 

Mellow Militia's Chris Puglisi showed the crowd how to master the Tiki Toss (the real life version of his mobile app hook and ring game). 

 Deal Bug was wheelin' and dealin' on the Deal Bug Truck at the entrance to Entrepreneur Corner.

The Zaarly Crew showed up in full force with a ton of Zaarly swag that they handed out all through the night. 

Thank you to all the small businesses, entrepreneurs and artists that participated in Entrepreneur Corner.  If you are interested in showcasing your business or art durning next months First Fridays please contact Sarah Snyder at ssnyder@thinkbigpartners.com or 816-842-5244.  In the meantime, join the conversation by becoming a member of Entrepreneur Corner on Facebook.  See you October 7th!  

Written By Laura Goede

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