Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From Pitching to Pampering: “Treasure You” Teaches Women Purpose, Passion and Power

The mompreneur and the woman-in-business fads are far from over.  Women everywhere are changing the face of business by climbing the corporate ladder, starting new businesses, and developing the nation’s coolest new tech initiatives (all while sporting the season’s hottest heels).  Women are slowly taking over the business world through the creation of the mompreneur and the powerful woman business mogul.  Although this initiative comes from many different parts of the globe, Frisco, Texas is putting women empowerment on the map thanks to the will-power of Pat Smith; founder and owner of Pat Smith Enterprises and creative mind behind the Treasure You Girlfriend’s Retreat. 

Pat Smith of Treasure You.
On September 16-17 of 2011, Pat Smith (see above) is hosting the Treasure You Girlfriend’s Retreat at the Westin Stonebriar Resort in Frisco, Texas.  The event aims to leave its guests with a renewed sense of purpose, passion and power.  All Treasure You retreats are created so that women can reconnect with themselves and encourage their spirit through remembering their worth and treasuring themselves.  This takes place in a variety of different ways.
The event kicks off with a welcome reception, Mexican Fiesta dinner and private pajama party on Friday night.  On Saturday, attendees will enjoy a morning workout followed by valuable workshops and a motivational keynote speech by Pat Smith herself during Burgers ‘n Banana Splits.  Saturday is rounded out by a Treasure You Luxury Experience where attendees will be pampered, shop, have fun and learn from smart and savvy women entrepreneurs. 

Although one moment a woman may be pitching to a roomful of venture capitalists, the next she could be doing eight loads of laundry for her family.   It’s time to empower these women even further.  It’s time for them to find their purpose. It’s time for them to treasure themselves.
Although the Treasure You Girlfriend’s Retreat is completely sold out, more Treasure You events will take place in the future.  To learn more about Treasure You, Pat Smith and the many philanthropic and community events in the area, please visit www.treasureyou.org.   

Written by Allison Way

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