Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Gigabit Challenge Announces a $200,000 Prize for Entrepreneurs and Startups

The Gigabit Challenge is creating some major buzz in Kansas City.  With coverage from Silicon Prairie News, The Kansas City Star, and multiple other media outlets, it’s easy to see that the Gigabit Challenge is making a splash.  And for good reason.  This global business plan competition is designed to find and support startup entrepreneurs, early-stage businesses and existing growth companies that will make use of Google’s first-in-the-nation 1-gigabit fiber network.  
And just recently, Think Big Partners announced a few rules and details for the challenge, including an inside-scoop at the grand prize.  Below are a few details that may be of use to those applying for The Gigabit Challenge:

·        Applications will be accepted starting October 3, 2011.  Applications should be accompanied by a 3-5 page executive summary.

·        Applications must be submitted by October 31.

·        The top 25 finalists will be announced by November 15.

·        The 25 finalists then have until December 15 to submit a short form (10 page) business plan with 5 extra pages of supporting documentation. 

·        Winners will be announced at a public event in Kansas City in mid- to late January of 2012.

But let’s cut to the chase.  How much is the Gigabit Challenge actually rewarding to the winning entrepreneur?  Think Big Partners has announced that it will award more than $200,000 in cash and services, with the Grand Prize valued at $100,000.  Seems like a competition worth entering...

“As the first city chosen by Google to implement the fiber network, Kansas City has taken on a supporting role in Google’s worldwide initiative,” said Herb Sih, Managing Partner and co-founder of Think Big Partners. “In the past few years, Kansas City has received significant national recognition as a vibrant community for entrepreneurs, marshalling resources to take ideas and make them into viable businesses. Now, companies have the opportunity to innovate using technology like Google fiber so that they can create more new, technology-based to the challenges facing our world.”

For more information about The Gigabit Challenge or to express interest in becoming a sponsor or judge, please visit The Gigabit Challenge website or contact Ann DeAngelo at (816) 842-5244.

Written by Allison Way


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