Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Will KC Remain "The City of Fountains"? 5 New Ideas for the Kansas City Region

Kansas City has been known as The City of Fountains for many, many years.  But when your city is rumored to have more fountains the Rome ( counted up to 250 fountains!), it seems as if these statuesque water spouts are literally everywhere.  But will Kansas City remain The City of Fountains, or will it become something new?

Yesterday, the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce unveiled five big ideas for the KC region.  From animal health to urban core, Kansas City is being newly defined in a variety of different ways.  After an extensive whittling process, the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce approved the top 5 initiatives to be pursued in the next three to five years: 

Will Kansas City become...The City of Animal Health?
Championed by former Sprint CEO Gary Forsee, the World Symposium on Animal Health is an initiative that could lead Kansas City to becoming the center of the world in the animal health industry.

Will Kansas City become...The City of Entrepreneurship?
Championed by Peter deSilva, chairman and CEO of UMB Bank, this plan's goal is to leverage existing community assets like the UMKC's Bloch School of Management and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Will Kansas City become...The City of Translational Research?
Championed by Dr. Patrick James, CEO of Quest Diagnostics and chairman of Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute, Kansas City hopes to support area hospitals and research entities work together on the bi-state effort.  Click here to learn more about translational research.

Will Kansas City become...The City of a Bustling Downtown?
Championed by UMKC Chancellor Leo Morton, a new UMKC Conservatory in the downtown area will help put 1,000 more people in Downtown KC every day. 

Will Kansas City become...The City of Urban Core?
Championed by Terry Dunn, President and CEO of JE Dunn Construction, the urban core initiative (also known as "Journey to Hope") will identify a section of the urban core for an extensive set of programs such as public safety, education, transportation, job opportunities, youth recreation programs, health care and food access.

What's next for Kansas City?  It could be anything!  But keep your eye out on these five initatives and watch Kansas City get redefined. 

Written by Allison Way

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