Thursday, October 6, 2011

bizperc Tenant Reveals Taplicious; the Next-Generation Mobile App

Take a look around.  No matter where you are--in the office, in the airport, in the car, in a restaurant--you will most likely find somebody on their mobile phone.  Whether they're browsing the web, checking in on Foursquare, updating their Facebook status or listening to a voicemail, everybody seems to be on their phone.  A cell phone can literally be used anytime, anywhere (except for maybe under water).

But for as many times as you see a person tapping away on their mobile phone, you will find another squinting their eyes, pinching the screen and zooming in with a frustrated look.  As much as we love our mobile phones, they tend to frustrate us beyond belief at the same time.  It's a love-hate relationship.  And that's where Taplicious comes in.

Taplicious, founded by Chris Puglisi (a bizperc tenant and client of Think Big Partners) is the next-generation semi-automatic system that produces state-of-the-art mobile websites that look, feel and act like more expensive mobile applications at the fraction of the cost.  Taplicious takes the pain of learning an automated mobile website development system out of the hands of the user and simplifies the process to 3 easy steps; sign up, configure, relax.

"We're super excited to bring Taplicious to market," says Puglisi of the venture.  "With Taplicious, we're taking mobile websites to the next level - they look, feel and act like a mobile application that costs thousands of dollars."

According to Puglisi, one in every 7 searches takes place on a mobile device.  What's more; 25% of the US population is "mobile-only".  This number is projected to double by 2015.  That means that now, more than ever before, is the perfect time to debut Taplicious.

"While the number of people accessing the web from their mobile devices is growing at an exponential rate, only a very small percentage of people out there have a website that's optimized for the web," Puglisi says.  "We're making it easy and fast.  Just sign up, customize and relax.  We can get a new mobile site to market in just a few days, but still give it that 'agency' touch." 

Dive into the Taplicious world and see this app for yourself!  Check out app now and sign up to be involved in the Taplicious Beta launch.  Participants will receive a 40% discount and be entered to win an iPad. 

Written by Allison Way

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