Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Entrepreneur Bootcamp Tackles Legal and Accounting

Every startup struggles with the following question: “When should I get a lawyer involved?”  The costs associated with quality legal assistance can sometime seem overwhelming to the bootstrapping entrepreneur.  Yet the courts are filled with lawsuits that could have been easily avoided had a lawyer been consulted during the initial launch of the company.

Next week’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp will tackle “tough stuff”; all of the legal and accounting issues critical to starting a new business.  In this session presenters Tyler Prochnow of Think Big Partners and Jene' Poper Hong of Business Transition Specialists will answer these much-needed questions and more:
  • Am I being penny wise and pound foolish?
  • Am I being over-lawyered?
  • Are lawyers like everything else; you get what you pay for?

Bootcamp will take place at next Tuesday from 3:00-6:00pm at bizperc in the Kansas City Crossroads. Whip your startups legal and accounting into shape and register today!   

Written by Laura Goede

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