Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top 5 Things Google Fiber Can Do for Kansas City (And 5 It Can Do for the World)

A lot of excitement has been building up around the implementation of Google Fiber in Kansas City.  Organizations such as FiberKC.biz are being developed, discussions on sites such as KCMOmentum and Facebook are exploding, and challenges and competitions such as the Gigabit Challenge are formulating in anticipation of Google Fiber.  But when it all comes down to it, what is Google Fiber really doing for Kansas City?  And even more importantly, what is Google Fiber doing for the world? 

Top 5 Things Google Fiber Can Do for Kansas City:
1.  Assist Startups and Entrepreneurs
As one of the most well-known blogs in the Kansas City entrepreneurial spectrum, we cannot help but note first and foremost that Kansas City’s entrepreneurs and startup companies will benefit greatly from the implementation of Google Fiber.  Google is extremely interested in seeing what developers and entrepreneurs will create with ultra high-speeds; new apps, online businesses and other startups that we cannot even imagine yet are expected to explode in and around Kansas City. 

2.  Bring Big Business to Kansas City
Although Google Fiber is expected to bring in a plethora of new ideas, the initiative is also predicted to bring big business to Kansas City.  Already-established Kansas City businesses like Cerner and Garmin will flourish with the high-speeds provided by Google Fiber.  We are excited to see what other big businesses will decide to move or open in Kansas City in order to benefit from it as well. 

3.  Improve Home Networks
According to CBS, Kansas City is not the only place to receive Google Fiber.  Kansas City is just part of the experiment involving as many as half a million homes to improve ways to build a stronger network.   

4.  Create More Jobs
It’s obvious that Google Fiber will create more jobs in and around Kansas City.  But it’s not just the installation and maintenance of the fiber that will require more jobs (In fact, it has been noted that Google will bring in crews the company has used for other infrastructure builds instead.  Read more...).  But Google Fiber may create jobs in the online gaming, telecommunications, healthcare, and app development worlds just to name a few.  Plus, with the creation of more startups in Kansas City, more companies will be needing more assistance. 

5.  Put Kansas City on the IT map
A few months ago, The Wall Street Journal recognized Kansas City as an upcoming hub for information technology.  The city is booming with entrepreneurs, small business and technology.  In fact, in a study found by the TechAmerica Foundation, the number of Kansas City tech companies rose by 5% in 2009, trumping the growth rates of Silicon Valley, Boston and Austin. 

Top 5 Things Google Fiber Can Do for the World:

1.   Provide Faster Internet
Did you know that Comcast’s current cable service has an average speed of 13Mbps?  This is about 1/20th of the speed that Google Fiber will provide.  Google Fiber will be the fastest Internet speed in the world and therefore, save people a significant amount of time.  Imagine downloading a high-definition, full-length feature film in under 5 minutes, watching a live 3D video of a university lecture, or sending an extremely large document across the world via email in a matter of seconds.  Google Fiber will make it possible. 

2.  Improve Education
When I attended Building the Gigabit City last week, much of the event focused on the benefits that the education sector would have by using the Google Fiber network.  The ideas that accumulated were numerous.  Students will have the chance to improve their learning capabilities by taking online classes, tuning into virtual 3D lectures from across the world, or downloading study applications in seconds.  Education is bound to improve with the implementation of Google Fiber—we are anxious to see how. 

3.  Generate New Deployment Techniques
Google’s Fiber website states that its goal is to experiment with new ways to help make Internet access better and faster for everyone.  That goal includes the implementation of new deployment techniques within the company.  Google is planning to test new ways to build fiber networks and seeks to inform and support deployments elsewhere.  In addition, Google will share key lessons that they learned throughout the world. 

4.  Create Next-Generation Apps
The world has become flooded with apps.  This leaves us thinking "what’s next?"  Google Fiber hopes to help answer that very question.  The world will begin to have access to next-generation apps and developers will have the chance to use ultra high-speeds for their latest creations; from creating bandwidth-intensive “killer apps” and services to other uses we can’t yet imagine. 

5.  Transform Business
Because Google Fiber will operate an “open access” network, users will be given the choice of multiple service providers.  That means that any business can transform the way that it operates without having to switch service providers.  This ease-of-use will allow businesses to change the way that they do business and make their inner-workings faster, better and stronger.  Google provides a great example at the top of its Project Overview page: “Imagine sitting in a rural health clinic, streaming three-dimensional medical imaging over the web, and discussing a unique condition with a specialist in New York.”  That’s thinking big...with a gig. 

Written by Allison Way

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  1. live in JoCo, cant wait until they get here. We were one of the first HSI back in 1999. Could not keep the kidlits from camping out, wanting it because Mom and Dad only had dial up. Problem is, we have not been able to advance. What happened?