Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Entrepreneurs Unpluggd: Every Section is a VIP Section

Have you ever been in the front row of a concert?  You can see every detail of the rockstar's face.  You get the chance to touch their hands (and never wash yours again, right?).  You can hear their heavy breathing and see the sweat beads on their forehead.  You're up close and personal.  You're a VIP.

But not everybody gets to be a VIP.  There are also people sitting at the very back of the venue.  To them, the rockstar is simply a speck on stage.  They cannot see the rockstar's facial expressions or touch their famous hands.  The back-row attendee's experience is a different one compared to the VIP.  It's not quite as exhilarating.

Which is why Entrepreneurs Unpluggd is hosting an entrepreneurial event that allows every attendee to be a VIP.  The Entrepreneurs Unpluggd event in Kansas City on November 15th will put attendees up close and personal with standout entrepreneurs in the KC area.  It's a day of storytelling, not lecturing.  A day of dialogue, not monologue.  A day of VIP treatment, not back row squinting.

"The Entreprenerus Unpluggd event is much more intimate than your typical business event," says Tim Jahn, co-founder of Entrepreneurs Unpluggd.  "It will be candid and informal.  It's storytelling that comes from the heart."

The Entrepreneurs Unpluggd event, How to Find Your First Customers, will feature three entrepreneurs from the Kansas City area who will tell their own startup story for approximately 30 minutes each.  Speakers at the November 15th event include Bo Fishback (Founder and CEO of Zaarly), Debra L. Ellies (CEO and President of OsteoGeneX Inc.) and our own Tyler Prochnow (Co-founder of Think Big Partners).

"All of our speakers come from different backgrounds," says Stella Fayman, co-founder of Entrepreneurs Unpluggd.  "We leave a lot of time for the audience to ask these speakers questions at the end.  We have found that the audience feels much more comfortable asking the hard questions because they are in a more intimate, personal environment."

But where in the world did an idea like Entrepreneurs Unpluggd come from?  Did it start in Kansas City?  No--but it did originate in our own Midwestern backyard; Chicago.

The first Entrepreneurs Unpluggd event took place in Chicago in February of 2011.  Ever since, Entrepreneurs Unpluggd has hosted four successful events in the Chicago area.  The events were so successful, in fact, that Entrepreneurs Unpluggd decided to expand its speaking events to other Midwestern cities--starting with Kansas City.

"We have a lot of connections in the Midwest, but most importantly, in Kansas City," says Jahn.  "I had the opportunity to meet passionate people at Big Omaha this past year and a lot of them were from Kansas City.  There is so much activity in KC that this all just fell into place!  There is a growing community here."

How to Find Your First Costumers will be an event that no Kansas City entrepreneur will want to miss.  Join the Think Big Partners team and Entrepreneurs Unpluggd at Screenland Crown Center in Kansas City from 6:00-9:00pm for an intimate, VIP event.  Buy your ticket today!

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