Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holy Zaarly! Bo Fishback Makes Cover of Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine saved the best for last: Bo Fishback of Zaarly.


When we saw Entrepreneur's final issue of 2011 we couldn't help but yell, "Holy Zaarly!".  There he was; Kansas City entrepreneur and founder of Zaarly, Bo Fashback, gracing the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine for the first time.  According to Entrepreneur, Fishback has become known as one of "the next rainmakers" in the startup world...and for good reason.

Bo Fishback founded Zaarly, a San-Francisco-based startup, when he attended both Startup Weekend Los Angeles and SXSW in the spring.  Since then, Zaarly has raised a $14.1 million Series A round, has grown to approximately 30 employees and is taking over cities nationwide.  Zaarly currently has over 100,000 registered users, 15,000 unique monthly listings and nearly $6 million in offers posted.

But it's not just Zaarly's outstanding numbers and lightning fast startup story that has put the company on the map.  We believe that Zaarly is becoming a testament that successful startups can come from anywhere...including the Midwest.  After all, the company sprouted from Midwestern roots and plans to stay well-grounded in Kansas City.

Zaarly is a company that has proven that incredible ideas do not have to come from Silicon Valley.  Although the company was developed in Los Angeles during Startup Weekend, a large majority of Zaarly's efforts have been put forth in the Kansas City area.  In fact, Bo Fishback spoke not too long at the first Kansas City Entrepreneurs Unpluggd event at the Screenland Crown Center.

Fishback is well-rooted in Kansas City.  As a notorious Kansas City leader and Vice President of Entrepreneurship at the Kauffman Foundation, Bo Fishback can't help but get involved in some of the biggest entrepreneurial efforts that Kansas City has to offer.

Congratulations to Bo Fishback and the entire Zaarly team for making it big!  

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