Monday, January 9, 2012

bizperc Offers Free Risk Management and Insurance Consulting on Jan. 12

What would happen if you lost your customers’ data?  What if someone hacked into your network and accessed all of your information?  Who requires you to have insurance by contract?  What should you estimate to spend on insurance?

Entrepreneurs are faced with questions just like these every day.  And they’re difficult questions to have answered.  But what if you could ask all of these questions and get the answers you need free of charge? 

On Thursday, January 12 from 3:00-5:00PM, Travis Holt of Brush Creek Partners is offering Risk Management and Insurance Consulting to all bizperc tenants and drop-ins! 

“As a startup, many entrepreneurs don’t know that they shouldn’t buy insurance right away—their companies do not have much value yet.  The problem is that some people are required to have certain types of coverage,” says Holt.  “I want companies to understand that you can save a lot of heartache by taking a look at insurance at the beginning—as a startup, this limits a lot of risk!”

Interested in free risk management and insurance consulting advice?  Contact Sarah Snyder at to set up your appointment.  Remember: this offer is available to bizperc tenants and drop-ins only!

Want awesome perks like this one?  Join the bizperc coworking space!  Visit to learn more about Kansas City coworking and to schedule a tour of our facilities.

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