Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Gigabit Challenge Goes Live with Digital Evolution Group

In the Internet age that we live in today, it's impossible to run a business without getting it online.  In fact, online businesses make up most of the new startups and entrepreneurial ventures in today's world.  Because of this, we need to rely heavily on companies that have an expertise in the online and on-demand environments.  And that's where Digital Evolution Group comes into play.  

Digital Evolution Group is more than an application development firm.  It's a full service e-consultancy that uses the disciplines necessary for success in today's online environment.  Digital Evolution Group is known to get inside of a business in order to intensely understand its challenges and to provide a fresh perspective.  By taking the best ideas and practices of the online industry and warping it into an appropriate technology, Digital Evolution Group knows how to reach the unique objectives that entrepreneurs go after.

Which is why The Gigabit Challenge approached Digital Evolution Group for its webcasting needs. 

On Janaury 18th, The Gigabit Challenge is hosting its Finale event in which 19 Finalists will compete in an intense, all-day pitchfest in front of investors, other startups and the public at the Kansas City Public Library.  But because The Gigabit Challenge is a global competition, it was obvious that not everybody who wanted to attend the Finale would be able to.

In order to solve this challenge, Digital Evolution Group presented The Gigabit Challenge with its high-tech webcasting capabilities.  Now, the Gigabit Challenge Finale will be broadcast throughout the world live and online at

If you are unable to attend The Gigabit Challenge Finale in Kansas City, be sure to tune in live on January 18, 2012 from 8:00AM until 6:00PM (CST) to watch Gigabit Challenge speakers, pitches and awards ceremony.  This is a webcast you won't want to miss--all thanks to Digital Evolution Group.

To attend The Gigabit Challenge Finale, visit  

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