Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Missouri Bank Provides "MO" Support for The Gigabit Challenge

Be the Difference.  It's a simple slogan displayed underneath the Missouri Bank logo.  But what does it mean exactly?  How has Missouri Bank made a "difference" in the Kansas City area in the past year?  And how is this bank standing out from the crowd?

We believe it's MOBank's entrepreneurial spirit that drives it to become the difference.  

Missouri Bank's philosophy is made up of seven different ideals.  These ideals are entrepreneurial, individual, be the difference, unique, community, better off and authentic.  But the one that we zero in on right away is (of course) entrepreneurial.

MOBank prides itself on being a small business that just so happens to function like a bank.  The bank is stocked with an inventory of tools, resources and expertise for building better business in and around the Kansas City area.  Missouri Bank states that it is 100% committed to getting entrepreneurial dreams off the ground...which may be the reason why the bank decided to partner up for The Gigabit Challenge.

A few weeks ago, Missouri Bank decided to jump on the Gigabit bandwagon and become a partner for The Gigabit Challenge (a worldwide business plan competition where the winner gets the chance to build a business on the Google Fiber network).  With Missouri Bank's outstanding support and entrepreneurial spirit, Gigabit Challenge contestants and winners will receive automatic support from one of Kansas City's most successful and well-known banks.

Thank you to Missouri Bank and all of the sponsors who have come forward to support The Gigabit Challenge.  When Kansas City comes together, everybody benefits.

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