Thursday, January 12, 2012

Silicon Valley Bank Travels to KC for Gigabit Challenge Finale

As all entrepreneurs know, getting a bank involved in a new business venture is difficult.  But imagine how many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley ask for bank loans each and every day.  With the amount of startups popping up (and succeeding) in the area, banks have to get heavily involved.  But are they getting involved in the Midwest too?  

Silicon Valley Bank has gotten involved in Midwestern entrepreneurial initiatives through The Gigabit Challenge.  As a partner for the Challenge, Silicon Valley Bank has provided services as well as time and energy to making The Gigabit Challenge a huge success hundreds of miles away from home (and we're not talking about Boston or Austin for that matter...we're talking about Kansas City!).  In fact, Harry Kellogg, Vice-Chairman of Silicon Valley Bank, has contributed his time and efforts to The Gigabit Challenge by participating as an Advisory Board Member.  

Silicon Valley Bank has what is known as the SVB Accelerator: a branch that helps entrepreneurs take their ideas to the next stage.  By getting a better understanding of the current funding environment, learning about networking opportunities and accelerating businesses throughout the region, Silicon Valley Banks knows how to work with entrepreneurs...and knows how to work with them effectively.  

Many thanks to Silicon Valley Bank for making The Gigabit Challenge an entrepreneur's dream come true.  The competition and event would not be possible without the support and dedication to entrepreneurship that this SV bank has given.

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  1. Allison - thanks for the post. We're glad to be involved with The Gigabit Challenge and it's support of entrepreneurs in and around Kansas City.