Thursday, January 12, 2012

Think Big Welcomes Kansas Secretary of Commerce Pat George to bizperc and the Startup World

On Wednesday, Think Big Partners welcomed Kansas Secretary of Commerce Pat George to the bizperc coworking community.  The Kansas Secretary of Commerce and the Kansas government visited in order to see the growing entrepreneurial movement that both Kansas and Missouri are experiencing and to learn about how the Kansas government can get involved in the initiative.

Entrepreneurship is close to Mr. George’s heart.  As a true entrepreneur himself, our own Secretary of Commerce spent 25 years starting and building numerous successful business ventures in southwest Kansas including a family automobile dealership, real estate developments and professional sports organizations.  Mr. George has enhanced his entrepreneurial goals by running for Kansas Secretary of Commerce in 2011.  He now leads the state’s economic development organization in its mission to empower and bring prosperity to individuals, businesses and communities.  With these goals, Mr. George’s focus is to create jobs through business recruitment and expansion—which means that he can go back to his roots and focus on entrepreneurship in Kansas. 

Which brings us to why the Secretary of Commerce visited Think Big Partners and bizperc yesterday.  At the meeting, Think Big Partners and the Kansas government will sat down to discuss the importance of new businesses, startups and job growth in Kansas. Kansas is getting serious about entrepreneurship and job growth and this meeting proves that the government is taking a step in the right direction. 

Thank you to Secretary of Commerce Pat George and the city of Kansas for helping to make the Midwest one a hub for entrepreneurship, startups and overall job growth. 

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