Friday, February 10, 2012

KCCowork Brings Coworking, Collaboration (and Beer Pong!?) to Prairie Village


This week, Kansas City's newest coworking space opened in Prairie Village.  The space is known as KCCowork, and its goal is to bring together suburban entrepreneurs, innovators and startups for day-to-day collaboration and networking.

The KCCowork space opened with a bang with a Happy Hour on Wednesday.  With appearances by the Five Elms Capital, Legal Sonar, Think Big Partners, bizperc tenants and other KC entrepreneurs, the Happy Hour proved that Prairie Village was in need of a coworking space.

The evening was laid-back with an interactive famous entrepreneur guessing game, delicious sangria, tours of the coworking space and beer pong.  That's right, beer pong.  

Check out some of the pictures I was able to capture of KC's newest coworking space: 

KCCowork mimics bizperc's bright orange walls. Perfect for creativity. 
KCCowork provides a large kitchen area (and beer pong capabilities!)
Desks facing one another promote entrepreneurial collaboration.
A separate coworking room for the Legal Sonar team. 
KCCowork Happy Hour brings in entrepreneurs for tours and cocktails.
An intense game of "which famous entrepreneur is on my back".
Networking at KCCowork. 
Entrepreneurs and startups already collaborating at KCCowork.
KCCowork also provides private conference rooms.
Bonus!  KCCowork has a gym right down the hall for tenants looking to get buff.
Interested in joinined a coworking space?  Be sure to contact Think Big Partners to learn about the Think Big Nation Network and which coworking space is right for you! 

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