Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PART 3: The Evolution of the Mobile Gaming App

PART 3: Giving Your App a Real-Life Spin

For the past few months, we have been reporting on the progress of Mellow Militia’s newest mobile gaming app that we have been calling The Next Social Word Game as well as the company’s other efforts such as Tiki Toss 3D.  Founded by Chris Puglisi and Kyle McGetrick, Mellow Militia is a mobile application startup based out of Kansas City, Missouri.  The company has provided hundreds of mobile app developers inside-information about creating mobile apps (just check out Part 1 and Part 2!).

And now...we give you Part 3: Giving Your App a Real-Life Spin.

Retail-ize Your App
Angry Birds popularized its game by manufacturing cute stuffed animals of their Angry Birds mascots. And when your app gets big enough, giving it a real-life spin can provide additional revenue.  Mellow Militia went this route and has developed physical Tiki Toss Hook & Ring games alongside its mobile app. 

In order to get Tiki Toss’s retail product on the map, Mellow Militia has been traveling to a handful of cities throughout the nation to showcase at trade shows.  Most recently, Kyle traveled to Orlando for Surf Expo and the Orlando Gift Show.  Since launching the hard good product (Tiki Toss), Mellow Militia has secured over 110 wholesale accounts in 16 states, and is growing rapidly.  This most recent show was a huge success, and Mellow Militia was able to get Tiki Toss into 46 new stores and build solid relationships with reps and distributors.  

“The Surf Expo & Gift Shows are extremely successful for us,” said Chris Puglisi of attending tradeshows.  “We’re actually selling these games in 33 different types of stores.  People are responding very well to the Mellow Militia brand.  We introduced hats at the latest shows and sold out of them in the first day. Our existing clients are already asking us for more products!” 

Perfect-ize Your App
In previous blog posts, The Next Social Word Game was undergoing scrutiny from both Mellow Militia and from investors.  And today, the app continues to be perfected.  The team has gone back to the drawing born to rework the game’s design.  Chris, however, states that game will be finalized soon.  And after going back to the drawing board multiple times, it seems as if the game will be ready to go into the development stage!

In tandem with The Next Social Word Game’s release, Mellow Militia has been in design and development with a social photo sharing app that combines the top features of some of the leading photo/camera apps on the market today.  

“We saw a real opportunity to enhance the design and feature-set of the current, popular photo sharing apps like Instagram & Pinterest” says Chris. “We’re really excited about this one – it connects people socially but in a whole different way. We’re in the development phase already, and targeting a mid April release” 

In addition, Chris notes the importance of collaboration in developing these games.  “We've been able to forge invaluable partnerships throughout this experience.  We now have a dedicated team of great engineers and designers to help us build out our ideas.  Developing these partnerships opens up huge possibilities for us."

Real-ize the Potential for More

“I believe that the new app we’re creating will be an Instagram and Pinterest killer,” said McGetrick of the new venture.   

This app is just one of many that Mellow Militia wants to develop this year.  In fact, MM’s goal is 10 new apps in 2012 and to have each app incorporate the “experience continuum” (making apps accessible across mobile, web and on social media). 

“2012 will allow us to play with volume,” said Chris.  “We want each app to stand on it’s own and stay true to our goals of being high quality, fun, engaging and simple to use” says Chris.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information and updates from Chris, Kyle and the Mellow Militia team!  

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