Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blogging from the Bus: Day 1 of StartupBus

Blake Miller, partner and web developer at Think Big Partners, was chosen to participate in StartupBus, a 72-hour roadtrip-meets-hackathon from Vegas to Austin.  Along the way, "Buspreneurs" create and launch a startup and present it to venture capitalists at SXSW.  This is Blake's experience: 

It’s 4:15pm on the first day of StartupBus and we are somewhere in the desert between Vegas and Phoenix.  

I’m not even sure where to start.  

I landed in Vegas last night and hit the ground running right away.   The Vegas tech community hosted a launch party for us “Buspreneurs” to get to know each other right off the bat.  I must say, it feels very similar to the Kansas City tech scene that I am so accustomed to.  

We started this morning at userlib, a Vegas coworking facility with a very cool vibe.  There was no time wasted in getting going.  The first to pitch?  Me.  Although my idea wasn't chosen, it did fall in line with another Buspreneur's idea, so finding the right team was easy.  

My team is made up of myself, Fred Guest, Jesse Ditson, Crystal Chang, Diana Mounter, and Isaac Lewis.  We put our heads together and decided to create a universal registry system called GetWished.  Now that we have our idea in place, we're ready to roll.  Currently, I'm hacking away with my fellow Buspreneurs somewhere in the middle of the desert (never thought I'd say that!).  

To keep track of our progress, follow GetWished on Twitter ( and like us on Facebook (  More importantly go to and signup to be the first ones to GetWished! 

Stay tuned...I'll keep you posted throughout the week with more blogging from the bus!

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