Friday, March 23, 2012

Kansas City: America's Smartest City?

Kansas City is slowly becoming known as America's most entrepreneurial city...but will it become America's smartest city too?  Mayor Sly James seems to think so with his State of the City address that occurred earlier this week.

In the State of the City address, James introduced Screampoint, a geomapping technology company from Silicon Valley.  The organization, which has used more advanced, game-like mapping technology for international projects, has been looking for a city to model its platform in North America.  That city could be KC.

According to the Kansas City Business Journal, Mayor James presented screen shots of high-tech maps of Singapore, Abu Dabi and other international locales when discussing how Kansas City could become a smarter city (and perhaps one of the smartest on Earth) with Screampoint.

So what would Screampoint mean for Kansas City?  It could mean syncing up city water, sewer, street, utility and other infrastructure information...for starters.

Think Big Partners is more than thrilled to join the efforts of the Screampoint team.  With our ongoing partnerships with both the city as well as the successful Silicon Valley-based technology company, we hope to continue to change the face of KC...and for the better.  

First Google Fiber and then (perhaps) Screampoint.  Where will Kansas City go next?

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