Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big Omaha: The Summer Camp You Never Want To End

Most of us have been there.  Whether it was summer camp, horse back riding camp, sports camp or (for the geeks at heart) science camp, almost all of us have experienced the great outdoors, youth camaraderie and bad hygiene during camp.

And along with the arts and crafts, kayaking adventures and capture-the-flag games, we have also all experienced anxiety before camp begins and sadness after we have to say goodbye to our new friends and counselors.

Silicon Prairie News event coordinator Brittany Mascio believes that Big Omaha gives off these same emotions; anxiousness, excitement and sad goodbyes.

What is Big Omaha exactly?  It's an annual entrepreneurship and innovation conference that aims to share stories and connect the Omaha community with the rest of the country.  But if you ask any member of Silicon Prairie News (the organizers of the event) or any past attendee of Big Omaha, they will be sure to tell you that it's so much more than that.

This year, Big Omaha will take place May 9-11 at KANEKO, located in the Old Market.  The conference will feature 14 keynote speakers, a dynamite MC, plenty of food to go around and the opportunity to check out the Omaha startup scene...not to mention tons of networking and interactive fun.

"Big Omaha is a good place for entrepreneurs and others looking for inspiration to collaborate with one another," said Mascio.  "Big Omaha is at the forefront of what's going on in the tech center."

Big Omaha 2012 will follow the same structure as the 2011 conference, but with a few cool additions.  Although the Silicon Prairie News team wouldn't give all of the secrets away, they did inform us that this year, Big Omaha is adding artists into the mix.  The SPN team hopes that this addition will help the conference promote its theme of inner-connectivity.

So when Big Omaha closes and it's time to head home (tear!), what will you walk away with?  Mascio gave us the inside scoop:

1.  Advice. 
After Big Omaha, you will have a plethora of stories to reflect upon.  All of Big Omaha's 14 keynote speakers will tell founder stories and give an inside look at how to become a successful entrepreneur.

2.  Connections. 
You will leave Big Omaha with more than just a notebook full of entrepreneurial scribble.  You'll also leave with stacks of business cards, informational handouts, major swag and a completely full contact list.  Big Omaha is all about energizing people to connect with other attendees.

3.  Memories.
Just like summer camp, Big Omaha provides unforgettable memories and nonstop fun.  It's a conference that helps many startups out there realize that entrepreneurship can be fun.  It truly is that summer camp you don't want to end.

Unfortunately for you, Big Omaha is completely sold out!  The good news? Silicon Prairie is creating a waiting list for those entrepreneurs who are dying to get a foot in the KANEKO door.  To learn more, be sure to visit

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