Monday, April 2, 2012

Think Big Cofounder Launches Startup Your Fitness Blog

As a serial entrepreneur, Herb Sih, cofounder of Think Big Partners, has two speeds: stop and go.

Unfortunately, when one big opportunity began (the launch of Think Big Partners) another opportunity was missed--a healthy lifestyle.  As soon as Herb launched the Kansas City-based startup accelerator, all other "hobbies" seemed to be shoved to the side, including a healthy diet and exercise.

But Herb has decided not to ride the entrepreneurial wave fueled by a 5 Hour Energy and Town Topic hamburgers this month.  In fact, the serial entrepreneur has promised to use the month of April, starting on April Fool's Day, to take on a brand new attitude toward exercise and healthy living.

From April 1st until April 30th, Herb is beefing up his exercise regimen in preparation for Ruckus in St. Louis on May 5th.  He's getting everyone involved in the process--his family, employees, coworkers, partners and even some brave bizperc tenants.

Herb Sih explains to the Think Big team that we are starting a new fitness challenge. 
The Think Big Fitness Challenge has begun!  Our goals have been displayed on the glass of Herb's office.
Want to join the Think Big Fitness Challenge? Here's how!

  • Set your goal for the month: how much will you work out from April 1 until April 30?  Every 20 minutes of exercise equals 1 point.  One hour workout, therefore, equals 3 points.  The Think Big goal range seems to be between 30 and 80 points (here's a hint: Herb's goal is 50 points!).
  • Give yourself a handicap if you already work out quite a bit.  For example, Blake Miller, a partner at Think Big Partners, has a -9 point handicap because he is involved with Crossfit.  This will help the workout-aholics challenge themselves, too! 
  • Keep track of your points throughout the month.  Be sure to stay on track (and eat healthy too!).
  • Check back on Herb's Startup Your Fitness blog for tips, tricks and his inside story. 
  • At the end of the month, let us know if you reached your goal.  If you did, we will give you a special shout-out and celebrate with you!  

Join Think Big's Fitness Challenge and startup your fitness today!  Learn more on Herb's new blog, Startup Your Fitness.

Follow Herb's journey on Twitter! @thinkbigKC

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