Friday, May 18, 2012

Big Omaha 2012: Let's Be Honest

Admist the hype, interactive photo booths, artistic arena and sold-out seating, Big Omaha 2012 stood for something that many attendees tend to forget: good, old fashioned Midwestern passion.  

According to Blake Miller, partner at Think Big Partners and Big Omaha attendee, the conference was one of the most honest, down-to-earth, comfortable events he had ever attended.  Why?  From the casual networking atmosphere to late night beers in the hotel lobby, Blake was able to reach out to other Big Omaha attendees at ease throughout the entire weekend. 

If you snagged a ticket to Big Omaha, consider yourself lucky.  The event doesn't print too many tickets, but for good reason.  The always sold-out conference gives off an intimate, cozy feeling that entrepreneurs cannot help but love.  This intimacy was one of Blake's favorite aspects of the entire conference.  Sometimes, the bigger the conference, the less you get out of it.  Big Omaha was the Goldilocks of entrepreneurial conferences--not too big, not to small, but just right.  The intimacy of Big Omaha allowed for attendees like Blake to communicate openly, honestly and comfortably.  Even when he had the chance to speak with Yael Cohen of F Cancer, Blake felt completely at ease and ended up engaging in a collaborative, interesting conversation.  Not bad for connecting with one of the most popular speakers at the conference!

Yael is a testament to the caliber of speakers that Big Omaha 2012 brought in.  Although the line-up may not have been as "impressive" as previous years, it clearly worked to Big Omaha's advantage.

"Although I didn't recognize a few of the speaker's names at first, I still got a ton out of every talk," said Blake Miller.  "In fact, it may have been even more valuable because I could sincerely relate to everyone who spoke. Sometimes it's tough to relate to those billionaire entrepreneurs who are one in a million." 

But Blake's favorite part of Big Omaha 2012 wasn't listening to the speakers, the professional networking or popping in on some photo booth pictures.  Blake's favorite memory happened to take place after-hours at Big Omaha's nightly casual, unplanned get-togethers.  According to Blake, some of the coolest people from the conference would clink beer glasses and chat after the day's sessions--and this provided some of the best insight.  After all, people with a touch of alcohol in them give off just a bit more honesty!

"I felt like I knew everybody at Big Omaha," said Blake.  "There were no strangers.  I felt like I could connect with every single person and have real, meaningful conversations with them."

Congratulations on a big success, Big Omaha!  Until next year...

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