Wednesday, May 23, 2012

iKC Asks KC Entrepreneurs to Fire Up!

iKC is throwing Kansas City's first Fearless Innovators' and Ruthless Entrepreneurs' Unconventional Pitch. We know, it's a mouthful. That's okay, can just call it "Fire Up" for short.

A Fire Up is a 5 minute, lightning-fast pitch presentation:  20 slides.  15 seconds per slide. 

Sound a little too fast?  It probably will be.  Fire Up will put entrepreneurs in a hot seat and will force them to be concise, to think on their feet and to spark the interest of the crowd.

We’re looking for 12 brave contestants to participate in iKC’s Fire Up event.  Six will present on one topic and 6 on another.  What are the topics, you ask?  Go ahead—pick your poison:

What is the Next Disruptive Innovation?

The Answers to Questions You Didn’t Know You Had 

Interested Fire Up participants are encouraged to submit their information to the iKC website at

Click here to learn more about iKC or visit iKC on Twitter @iKC_2012! 

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