Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Is a Fire Up Presentation?

iKC is throwing Kansas City's first Fearless Innovators' and Ruthless Entrepreneurs' Unconventional Pitch.  We know, it's a mouthful.  That's okay, can just call it "Fire Up" for short.

Fire Up is made of lightning-fast pitch presentations from a number of local innovative entrepreneurs. The catch? Entrepreneurs only have a few minutes to convey their pitch to an audience.  With only 15 seconds per presentation slide, Fire Up will put entrepreneurs in a hot seat and will force them to be concise, to think on their feet and to spark the interest of the crowd.

What does a Fire Up look like exactly? We'll show you. Here's an example of our own:


Interested?  You can participate in a Fire Up on June 20th (sponsorship opportunities for Fire Up are also available!).  Learn more at

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