Friday, June 22, 2012

In-Depth with the Think Big i-Team: Colleen Rowley

This summer, Think Big Partners proudly took on its biggest project of all—managing 9 rockstar interns!  We were so excited to bring on these 9 eager students that we felt like we had to come up with name for them—they are now known as the i-Team. We can’t wait to teach the i-Team all about the world of entrepreneurship, startups, marketing and all things in between.  Learn more about i-Team member Colleen Rowley, one of our two social media interns:

NAME: Colleen Rowley
INTERESTS: Anything and everything Kansas City related (especially the Royals!) and social media
DISLIKES: Overly negative people

Colleen is a born and raised Kansas City girl and self-proclaimed (on her Twitter account) “Kansas City Enthusiast”.   In fact, she’s been pretty enthusiastic about everything in her life from as far back as she can remember.  Colleen was the captain of the spirit squad (the “Scream Team”) at Notre Dame de Sion where she made t-shirts, came up with new chants and ensured the defeat of her high school’s biggest rivals.  While working on her communication degree at Mizzou, Colleen passed the time again making t-shirts, but this time it was as the Apparel Manager for her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma.  She marketed more than $10,000 worth of merchandise during her time in office.

In addition to selling sorority swag, Colleen has more than 10 years of experience with social media, beginning in 5th grade with her AOL Instant Messaging (AIM) account IrishQurlyQ (she did Irish dancing as a kid).  After honing her skills there, she continued to develop her social media skills until college where she blogged about her study abroad experience in Prague, marketed apparel for her sorority and created various social media accounts for her coursework.  However, those experiences pale in comparison to what she’s learned so far at her internship with Think Big Partners.  “I’ve learned about things I didn’t even know existed!” she says.

Colleen thinks big by always trying to challenge herself and to learn from every experience (even if it’s from “failing miserably”).  No matter what, she’ll always keep a positive attitude throughout because she hates when people are negative. 

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