Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One Week KC's Only Mobile Entrepreneurship Event: GoMobileKC

When over 300,000 apps have been developed in 3 years and apps have been downloaded over 10.9 billion times, it's become pretty obvious: mobile entrepreneurship is the new black.  And it's the exact reason that Vince Vaughan, President and Founder of Why Status Quo, has decided to host One Week KC's only mobile event--GoMobileKC.

GoMobileKC is a mobile mini-conference during One Week KC that will act as the city-wide nerve center for mobile entrepreneurs, app developers and startups to learn, share and lead in a mobile-driven paradigm. The event takes place on June 21, 2012 from 7:00-9:00pm at bizperc.  

GoMobileKC will cover the challenges that many mobile entrepreneurs face, discuss what will happen after the mobile “Gold Rush”, feature presentations from two mobile entrepreneurs and address business challenges from the audience.  Speakers include Kirk Hasenzahl, co-founder and CEO of RareWire and Dan Stratman, founder of AirportLife. 

GoMobileKC will leave the audience members with cascades of information about the mobile age and how mobile has impacted entrepreneurship.  The audience will walk away with 1) threats to avoid when they don’t use ambition as part of their business strategy, especially when it pertains to mobile; 2) the obligations a business must use when tackling mobile; and 3) an awareness of the opportunities that mobile may have for a today’s Kansas City entrepreneur.

“Mobile is part of a broader revolution,” says Vince Vaughan, organizer of GoMobileKC.  “We have gone from computer to social to mobile really fast.  It’s almost too much to keep up with.  The companies that don’t incorporate mobile as part of their business strategy, will be the ones stuck and left out in the cold.”

GoMobileKC is a part of One Week KC, a nine-day celebration of entrepreneurship from June 18-26, 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri.  The mini-conference is the premier  mobile business event taking place during One Week KC.  It will feature practical, yet uncommon advice for  entrepreneurs, app developers and business leaders interested in taking the leap into the mobile world.

“This is the premier mobile business event taking place during One Week KC,” says Vaughan.  “It’s the one event that a mobile entrepreneur has to go to.  If they don’t go, they risk ceding ground to competitors already working in this new space.” 

GoMobileKC will take place on June 21, 2012 from 7:00-9:00pm Think Big Partners’ coworking space, bizperc, at 1800 Baltimore in Kansas City, Missouri.  To learn more about GoMobileKC, visit www.gomobilekc.com.

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