Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sick of the Same Old Boring Swag Bag? We Are Too!

You're off to another awesome entrepreneurial conference.  You're pumped.  You've been counting down the days.  You can't wait to see what the conference has to offer.  

And then you receive another boring swag bag.  

A taupe bag filled with boring informational sheets is the only swag you get when you attend this conference. And let's be honest, you're bummed!

That's why iKC, Kansas City's innovation and entrepreneurship conference, is getting creative!  Every conference has boring bags of stuff that they give out to attendees.  iKC's swag bags will be unlike any other gift you've received from a conference...because we're getting the kids involved.

Join  for a fun and free live graffiti painting and stenciling event for kids 5 and over on Saturday, June 16th, from 5:00 to 7:00 at the Kultured Chameleon, Kansas City's new street art gallery at 1739 Oak St. in the Crossroads District.  The kids will be painting and stenciling each of the swag bags for iKC.  After the event, the graffiti bags will be distributed to iKC attendees on June 20, 2012. 

There will be demos, live painting, a live DJ, dancing, filming a mini-documentary of the event, and the creativity will be directed by the Hip Hop Academy and some of the region's premier street artists: Gear, Krie, Sha9again, Dom, VisualGoodies, SikeStyle, Mythik, Oktobot, Lofiyah1, and Chubix.

So bring your family out to the Kultured Chameleon on June 16th, be part of the fun, and tell us what being innovative means to you!

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