Friday, July 20, 2012

In-depth with the Think Big i-Team: Nick Rossin

This summer, Think Big Partners proudly took on its biggest project of all—managing 9 rockstar interns!  We were so excited to bring on these 9 eager students that we felt like we had to come up with name for them—they are now known as the i-Team. We can’t wait to teach the i-Team all about the world of entrepreneurship, startups, marketing and all things in between.  Learn more about i-Team member Nick Rossin, our bizperc coworking space intern:

NAME: Nick Rossin
3 BEST QUALITIES: Friendly, Easy-going and Hardworking
MISSION STATEMENT:  ”I am person with determination to get any task done through creativity to make it fun, effective and worthwhile.”

Meet Nick Rossin. Nick grew up in Overland Park, Kansas with a younger sister and older brother (Zach, who was a previous finance intern at Think Big Partners!). Nick attended Blue Valley Northwest High School where he was part of the student government, golf team and DECA. He is currently a sophomore accounting major at KU.  Nick is a part of many campus organizations—Sigma Phi Epsilon, National Society of Collegiate Scholars and Student Advocates for Financial Education. But when he’s not busy being a star student, Nick likes to play golf and hang out with his friends. He even enjoys the occasional KC Chiefs game (but then again, who doesn’t!?). 

Here at Think Big, Nick has helped with the planning and development of our entrepreneur-focused conference, iKC. Now, Nick has been put in charge of tasks concerning the coworking space, bizperc. So far, Nick’s favorite part of interning at Think Big Partners has been meeting all the new people. The hardest part this summer has been juggling two different jobs.  But this may be nothing compared to his previous experience as a soccer referee. He was yelled at by “over-enthusiastic parents” and he even had to make some parents leave the field!

Within the next 5 years, Nick plans to graduate from KU and then begin studying for his masters. He would love to have a job in sales so he can “constantly interact and meet new people”. His dream job would be “a real estate agent in a cool city or town,” (is KC cool enough? We think so!). 

How Does Nick Think Big? “I Think Big by making life decisions with proper consideration of all possible outcomes and consequences. Just like any entrepreneurial idea, I have learned to Think Big by keeping an open mind and sculpting decisions or ideas into something worthwhile that fits”.

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