Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chicago Startup Kauzu Announces New Job Search App

Think Big's own Gigabit Challenge winner Kauzu is making exciting announcements about its newest initiatives, Kauzu Kono and Kauzu.Jobs.  

Mitch Schneider, CEO of Kauzu. 
Chicago social venture Kauzu launched its Kauzu.Jobs mobile application at the Charles Hayes Family Investment Center.  Kauzu has partnered with Centers for New Horizons to present the new product, a free job search application that pinpoints jobs by a user’s location, designed specifically for Chicago’s hardest-hit communities.

“Our communities have needed and continue to need more effective tools to find and secure jobs,” says Mitch Schneider, CEO, Founder and Chairman of Kauzu.  “Kauzu.Jobs is our latest tool that offers unique, integrated, and common sense functions for job seekers to be effective, and guess what?  It is free.”

Job seekers can access Kauzu.Jobs from any smart phone, be it iPhone, Android, or Windows tablet or computer--anything with a web browser. The program pinpoints the user’s location to find entry-level jobs such as retail and service opportunities in its immediate area. Finding jobs based on location is essential, because working nearby is critical to job seekers in many communities, as many can’t afford long commutes and often lack reliable transportation.

Kauzu’s marketing materials promise “Great Jobs, Right Around the Corner.”

Andre Kellum, Program Director for the Centers for New Horizons Workforce Development program, touts the immediate benefits Kauzu.Jobs gives job seekers.

“The Kauzu tool allows us to tap into a whole other experience for our ‘dual focus’ workforce development program model and will continue to solidify the skills sets needed for successful job placement services,” he says.  “We are proud to partner with Kauzu and be on the front lines of exposing technological enhancements to our customers."

At the product launch on August 15, 2012, two hundred at-risk youth and 19 employer partners—who recently completed the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program—witnessed a first-hand demonstration of Kauzu.Jobs. 

President and CEO of Center for New Horizons, Dr. Sokoni Karanja, sees the potential of Kauzu.Jobs helping families achieve Kujitegumea (self reliance). 

“Finding a job is an essential step in achieving that goal,” says Dr. Karanja.  “As always, we search for every opportunity to achieve our purpose, we thus partner with Kauzu as they create a new tool they believe will increase the likelihood that residents of Bronzeville are better able to locate and achieve employment.

 “We are so thrilled to work with community leaders to get the most innovative mobile job app into the hands of the people who need it most,” adds Schneider.

The Chicago metropolitan area unemployment rate remains nearly 10 percent, nearly two percent above the national average.  In some demographic groups in particular, the unemployment rate is as high as 35 percent. 

Kauzu recently released Kono, a text-based application where a user can access the same job listings on basic cell phones. Small businesses can post job openings and opportunities to Kauzu’s system for free, saving money and reducing turnover by hiring employees with shorter commutes.  Kauzu is continually adding features to Kauzu.Jobs, linking to the Kauzu.Biz launch on August 28.
To learn more about Kauzu.Jobs and Kauzu Kono, please visit

About Kauzu:
Kauzu (kawz-ooh) is the Esperanto word for “cause” and reflects the company’s focus on creating social change by transforming how jobseekers and employers connect.  Kauzu was the 2012 winner of Think Big Partners’ Gigabit Challenge “Born Global” Award in Kansas City, Missouri.  To learn more about Kauzu, please visit

About Centers for New Horizons:
Centers for New Horizons’ mission is to develop the capacities of families to become self-reliant, to improve the quality of their lives and to participate in rebuilding their community.  The Center for New Horizons’ Workforce Development program is a “dual customer” program providing area employers with expertly matched job candidates and assists job seekers in qualifying for such jobs.  To learn more about Centers for New Horizons, please visit

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