Monday, December 10, 2012

032 Think Big Radio: The Entrepreneur’s Christmas Wishlist

As an entrepreneur, are you struggling to determine what to put on your startup’s Christmas wishlist?  Or do you have an entrepreneur you need to buy a Christmas present for?  If so, this episode of Think Big Radio is for you!  We’ll spill the Top 10 Christmas Gifts to buy an entrepreneur this season—some of them may even surprise you (ever heard of a smartphone leash? We didn’t think so...).  Listen up, tune in, Think Big and have a happy holiday!


The Top 10 Christmas Gifts for an Entrepreneur:

1.      Money/funding (even if it’s just $20!)
2.      iPad Mini
3.      Gift cards
4.      Gym membership
5.      A phone leash
6.      Affordable website
7.      Great headphones (like Beats by Dre)
8.      A launch party or celebration
9.      Vacation/time off
10.   A nice office chair

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