Thursday, December 20, 2012

Path.To's Q&A with Founder of Dwolla Ben Milne


At Path.To, we believe inspiration is key to doing your best work. Inspiration comes in all different shapes and sizes - often when you least expect it. Our team is most inspired by the innovation happening at startups across the country. We are constantly amazed by the unique and daring ways their teams are tackling problems, whether it's providing customers with a better, less expensive way to buy eyewear or solving the world's clean water crisis.

We kicked off our inspiration series to capture some of the insights, values and motivations of the startup teams we admire most. Whether talking design with Mig of 37signal or finding your "why" with Simon Sinek (coming in January), we always walk away from the interviews inspired and ready to better tackle our personal company mission of creating a happier workforce. We hope they'll provide fuel for your personal mission, as well. 

This month we sat down with Ben Milne, the founder of Dwolla, who talked with us about a range of ideas, from what makes an optimal job candidate to the best ways to establish a passionate company culture. We hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did.  

Read the full Q&A with Ben Milne of Dwolla here.  

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