Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hackovate Health Extends Submission Deadline and Announces Extreme Screen Location

Hackovate Health, the health-focused innovation competition powered by H&R Block and Think Big Partners has made some exciting announcements this week.

Deadline Extension
Hackovate has extended the submission deadline to Monday, February 4, 2013 (original deadline was Thursday, January 31, 2013).  This extension will allow applicants to make any changes within the iStart platform, fully complete their submission and ask any last-minute Hackovate questions.

Extreme Screen Location 
The Hackovate Health Finale on February 26, 2013 will now be one of the first events to take place in Union Station's Extreme Screen.  The Extreme Screen is Kansas City’s largest movie theater with a 60-foot wide silver screen equipped to display presentations, documentaries, commercial entertainment and even enable high-tech teleconferencing. The Extreme Screen, along with theater-style seating for 440 audience members, is located in Union Station in downtown Kansas City. The screen is accompanied by a 1100 square foot performance stage as well as high-tech projectors and speakers. The Extreme Screen officially opened on February 1, 2013.  To register to attend the free finale event, please visit  

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