Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Think Big Innovations: What does it mean to Hackovate?

2013 has already been an exciting year for Think Big Partners.  Not only are we gearing up to host two big Kansas City events, Hackovate Health and the 2nd Annual iKC, but we have also launched our newest podcast—Think Big Innovation Radio.

Think Big Innovation Radio seeks to ask “what’s the next big thing?”  After all, our world moves faster than ever before.  New ideas are born every day at an exponentially increasing rate.  However, without innovation, our world could never have dreamt of the routine we are accustomed to today.  At Think Big Innovations, we’re fascinated with breakthrough technologies and disruptive ideas that are changing the world and shaping our future.  And we want to share these new, exciting and groundbreaking technologies with you. 

To introduce you to Think Big Innovations, I sat down with Herb Sih, cofounder of Think Big Partners and Think Big Innovations and discussed the newest worldwide innovation competition—Hackovate Health.  Hackovate is a healthcare, tech-focused innovation competition that will conclude with a finale event on February 26, 2013 at Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri.  Learn more about what Hackovate is, who should apply, why Think Big and partner H&R Block are hosting the competition and more in this episode of Think Big Innovation Radio. 

Learn more about Hackovate: @Hackovate

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