Thursday, March 14, 2013

Entrepreneurs, Startups, Innovators – Converge! Big Kansas City is almost here!

Big Kansas City, one of the region’s most highly-anticipated entrepreneurial conference, is set to begin on Tuesday, March 26. Big Kansas City is the kickoff of the Big Series, with Big Omaha following in May and Big Des Moines wrapping up in October.

What is Big Kansas City?

The conference will span three days in Hangar 9 (also known as the National Airline History Museum) at Kansas City’s Charles Wheeler Downtown Airport, ending on Thursday, March 28. Hosted by Silicon Prairie News, the event provides a space for everyday people to converge with entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, investors and to hear talks from special guests.

Who will be at Big Kansas City?

Special guests include:
  • Scott Harrison: founder and CEO of charity:water, a nonprofit providing more than a million people with clean water
  •  Alexis Ohanian: co-founder of social news site/taste-making powerhouse Reddit
  • Dan Martell: founder and CEO of Clarity, a 7,000+ community of entrepreneurs offering phone mentorships to entrepreneurs around the world;
  • Michael Baldwin: CEO and chief community caretaker of, a digital comics marketplace
  • Bo Fishback: founder and CEO of Zaarly, a proximity based, real-time buyer powered market (built right here in Kansas City)
  • And many, many others!

Why should I go?

Dusty Davidson, co-founder and CEO of Silicon Prairie News, said of the event,

“We think that the importance of Big Kansas City lies in bringing the entrepreneurs and the investors and these creative folks that we’ve met in and around Kansas City and the region for two days of high energy and exciting talks, interactions, mingling, and all the things that come out of Big events that we’ve done in the past.”

This is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups enthusiasts alike – a chance to hear some of the nation’s most innovative leaders, to network with other entrepreneurs, and to support the Kansas City startup community.

Jeff Slobotski, co-founder and Chief Community Builder of Silicon Prairie News, says,

“I think Big Kansas City is important because of the fact that it brings together so many players in the space. So you have the entrepreneurs interacting and talking with the investors, who are learning from the mentors or other serial entrepreneurs that are there.”

The event is open to the public, but tickets must be purchased for entry. Tickets may be purchased through the conference’s Eventbrite page, and a variety of purchase options are available.  To interact with Big Kansas City, follow @BigKansasCity.  

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