Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hackovate Health Finale Recap

After surviving the snowpocalypse of 2013, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and supporters gathered in the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Board Room at Union Station for the Hackovate Health Finale on February 28, 2013. 
The event opened with a welcome address from Tyler Prochnow of Think Big Partners and Paul Richardson of H&R Block.  After a few words, Master of Ceremonies Ramsey Mohsen took the stage to get the pitches started. 
Group 1 featured finalists My Healthcare Reform Guide by Useagility & eXperient InteractiveReMARK HealthHealthPlan Select by StrenuusOKCopay Inc. and NAYA JEEVAN REJUVENATE.  Once all finalists finished their 10-minute pitches and question-and-answer sessions with the judges, a video address from Senator Jerry Moran was played followed by a short “chocolate break” courtesy of Hovey Williams, LLP. 
After the break, Herb Sih of Think Big Partners took the stage where he spoke on innovation and entrepreneurship.  Next, Group 2, consisting of SHHADEeLuminate HealthAavya HealthGetHealth, and inAssist Health Management Solutions, gave presentations and answered Q&A. 
Next on the Hackovate agenda, Kush Saxena of H&R Block took the stage to welcome Ned Holland, keynote speaker and assistant secretary for administration for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  At the same time, voting for the Google Fiber People’s Choice Award opened and the votes flooded in (over 500 were calculated in the short 30-minute voting time frame).  Additionally, Herb Sih of Think Big Partners got back on stage to speak about Think Big’s newest (and perhaps most unique) innovation yet: Smart Coffee, the coffee made for entrepreneurs and innovators. 
Next, Phyllis Faulkner-Johnson took the stage to announce the winner of the Google Fiber People’s Choice Award followed by Paul Richardson to announce each of the three cash prize winners. 
To learn more about each of the Hackovate winners, please read below:
Tami Hutchison, eLuminate Health
eLuminate Health, based out of Kansas City, Missouri, is a new marketplace for bringing together buyers and sellers of healthcare procedures based on transparency of price, quality and customer satisfaction.  The startup’s open network, reverse pricing platform replaces the current network contracting process between carriers and providers for imaging and surgical procedures.  Health plan payers and members rely on eLuminate Health to improve the value of their healthcare investments. eLuminate’s automated payment process, enabled by pre-established fixed prices, enables healthcare providers to eliminate the current cumbersome claims and accounts receivable management process and guarantees payment within less than 10 days on 100% of both the payer and member portion.
RUNNER-UP ($5,000)
Liam Ryan, GetHealth
GetHealth logo transparent bcg1 2
The GetHealth mobile app, based out of Dublin, Ireland, is a mobile and online platform that helps people improve their health through social interaction and gameplay with peer-to-peer connections. The app’s beta users describe the company as “Foursquare for Health”, allowing people to check-in to the healthy tasks they do each day (in the categories of Move, Munch and Mind), earn points and motivate their friends to a better healthy lifestyle. 
Fullscreen capture 372013 15016 PM
InAssist, a startup based out of Torrance, California, specializes in medical protection services for employers, employees and consumers and solves for the problem of hospital overcharges and administrative costs as well as the risks inherent to the medical industry.  With an integrated portal, consumers can log-in to the InAssist system to talk to trained certified claims analysts to better understand what they are getting charged for and gain access to bills, EOB’s medical records, claim denials and total yearly costs.
Karan Srivastava, SHHADE
SHHADE, based out of Miami, Florida, stands for Supply Home Health Care Alternatives and Dedicated Education.   SHHADE negotiates contracts with insurance companies to reduce expenses caused by patients who frequently visit the ER for chronic, yet manageable medical conditions. SHHADE provides comprehensive primary care services directly at the patient’s home and regularly follows up with patients to better manage the patient’s health. SHHADE case managers are designated to help the patient address and remove any social or cultural obstacles that impede the patient’s goal for a healthy lifestyle. SHHADE identifies which treatments are cost-effective in producing high quality health benefits. Ultimately, SHHADE aims to reduce the burden of costs insurance companies incur by reducing the number of ER visits from high utilizing patients.
The Finale event concluded with applause and cocktails, appetizers and networking in the Sprint Festival Plaza just a few steps from where Hackovate took place.  Media conducted interviews with the winners, each winner sat down to speak about their experience on the Think Big Innovations podcast, and cheers, laughs and new introductions were made by all.
All in all, Hackovate Health opened the eyes of the healthcare and medical industries to the new, innovative products that are being brought to the market.  The innovation competition truly spoke to those companies and startups who were striving to help consumers understand and navigate the challenging healthcare landscape and realize new health benefits.   
Want to see the Finale for yourself?  Check out a recording of the entire Hackovate Health Finale here, courtesy of DEG. 

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