Monday, April 15, 2013

040 Think Big Radio: An Entrepreneur Chat with Kelly Pruneau, Women’s Capital Connection

In the investment field, women don’t have quite as big of a presence as men do.  In fact, only 10-15% of angel investors and venture capitalists are women.  But Women’s Capital Connection (WCC) based in Kansas City, Missouri is looking to change that statistic.  In this episode of Think Big Radio, Derek sits down with Kelly Pruneau, network manager of the Women’s Capital Connection to learn exactly what the WCC does, how it is changing the investment industry, and just how important women investors are in the Kansas City area.


In this podcast, Derek asks Kelly questions such as:
  1. How did you get involved in Women’s Capital Connection?
  2. What types of companies or industries does WCC invest in?
  3. What are some of the companies you currently invest in?
  4. Why is there a need for something like Women’s Capital Connection in Kansas and Missouri?
  5. Does Kansas City have enough investment recourses?  Why?  Why not?
  6. How does WCC solve the “lack of capital” problem?
  7. Why are there more men angel investors than women?
  8. What is Women’s Capital Connection doing to increase the number of women angel investors?
  9. Why do women make great angel investors and venture capitalists?
  10. How do you Think Big?  
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