Tuesday, April 30, 2013

041 Think Big Radio: Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Entrepreneurs

April showers bring May flowers.  But what else do April showers bring?  Spring cleaning!  Although most of us dread spring cleaning every year, it’s a necessity in order for us to push our businesses and startups forward.  What are the best tips that entrepreneurs can use when spring cleaning?  

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In this episode of Think Big Radio, Derek and Allison explore the best things they do (or don’t do but wish they did) during spring cleaning such as:
  1. Organize digital documents
  2. Reset passwords
  3. Sort through emails
  4. Update contact list
  5. Update website content
  6. Update portfolio or case studies
  7. Get finances in line
  8. Re-energize the team
  9. Clean out your desk (literally)
  10. Clear your mind
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