Tuesday, June 18, 2013

(Re)introducing: Think Big Coworking

If you’re a member of our coworking space in the Crossroads District of Kansas City (or visit our coworking site often), you may have noticed something a little different about us lately.  For those of you who haven’t noticed, we had a little digital work done.  Now is the time to introduce the new face, website, name and brand of our coworking space—Think Big Coworking (or TBCo for short).

Gone are the days of the “bizperc” brand.  But don’t worry—Think Big Coworking is the same modern-meets-Midwest collaborative coworking space you know and love in the heart of Kansas City.

So what changes can you expect? 

First of all, we have completely renovated our website which now features a community member page, updated rates and new photos of our space (psst—a virtual tour is coming soon too!).  Plus, on our site you can book a meeting room, sign up for a tour of the space, learn more about coworking or explore the features of our 6th floor loft. 

Take a look at our facelift and let us know what you think.  Plus, you can stay tuned into all of the goings-on at TBCo right on the new Think Big Coworking blog.

We’re glad to (re)meet you...and we can’t wait to roll out more changes this summer.  Stay tuned!

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