Thursday, June 6, 2013

Think Big Partners and The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Announce iKC: The Unconference on October 3, 2013

Last year, Think Big Partners and The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce held the very first iKC conference--a day-long even dedicated to Kansas City innovation and entrepreneurship.  We are extremely excited to announce a second iKC conference in the works.  Introducing--iKC: The Unconference! 
iKC: The Unconference is a day-long unconference that will be hosted at H&R Block World Headquarters on October 3, 2013.  The main mission of the unconference is to enable a higher level of “collision density”, the level of collisions made between entrepreneurs, investors and connectors in a single area.  At this time, collision density is 20 times less likely to occur in Kansas City than it is in San Francisco because entrepreneurs, investors and connectors are too spread out geographically.  iKC: The Unconference will solve this issue by uniting a large number of individuals under one roof to turn innovative ideas into actionable items. 
“We’ve seen great success come out of unconferences in cities such as Austin and Boston,” said Sarah Snyder, meeting planner and event organizer at Think Big Partners.  “After seeing firsthand the power of organic community-driven discussions and relevant collaboration, we are eager to bring this refreshing format to Kansas City to help improve the collision density of our community.”
To carry out its mission, iKC will take the form of an unconference.  An unconference is an open-format conference in order to facilitate activity, conversations and collisions between individuals.  iKC: The Unconference asks individuals to submit topic ideas before the conference.  A few days prior to the day of the conference, an agenda will be distributed based off of the submitted topic ideas.  Unconference sessions can take on many different formats including short presentations, group discussions, show and tell, “unpanels” and more.   After the sessions are complete, iKC: The Unconference will host Open Mic Awards in which attendees can publicly award prizes to standout community leaders as well as a networking after-party. 
In addition to the unconference format, iKC will also be hosting a 1-on-1 program for new entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for the 1-on-1 program in order to meet with local, high-level mentors throughout the day of the conference.  To apply for the 1-on-1 program, visit
“In 2011, the KC Chamber launched the Big 5 goal of making Kansas City ‘America’s Most Entrepreneurial City,’ and, since then, there’s been no looking back,” said Jim Heeter, president and chief executive officer of the KC Chamber. “Each of our Big 5 goals for Big KC leverages assets already in place and each has great potential for adding to our regional economy.  iKC supports our vision of gaining global recognition for Kansas City as a premier location for launching and expanding innovative, high-growth companies, and does so in an unconventional way.”
iKC: The Unconference is currently looking for leaders in the Kansas City community to get involved through sponsorship opportunities.  To learn more about these opportunities, please visit 
iKC: The Unconference will take place on October 3, 2013 at H&R Block World Headquarters in downtown Kansas City.  Tickets for the unconference will go on sale August 1, 2013.  To purchase your tickets and learn more about iKC: The Unconference, please visit
We hope to see you at our first ever unconference in October! Stay tuned...more details will be leaked along the way

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