Friday, July 19, 2013

A Kansas City Startup Partnership: BodeeFit & PaleoFit Meals

As any experienced entrepreneur knows, the key to success is all about the connections, partnerships and relationships you make throughout a startup journey.  Whether it’s an introduction to a new mentor or attending a networking event to find your next client or customer, it is the people that make the startup world go ‘round.  

In the instance of Think Big’s startup venture BodeeFit, the key to success is through partnerships.  Lucky for BodeeFit, Kansas City is full of other passionate, driven and health-oriented entrepreneurs and startups.  One of these startups is PaleoFit Meals.  BodeeFit and PaleoFit recently struck up a strong local partnership in order to improve one another’s businesses and provide more benefits for clients and customers.

The campaign that BodeeFit and PaleoFit Meals put together was simple enough: receive a 25% discount from PaleoFit Meals through the BodeeFit platform.  The week-long campaign created exposure for the newly developed PaleoFit business, thanks to BodeeFit’s ever-growing customer base.

The partnership was a no-brainer.  BodeeFit is a health and fitness application that provides daily body weight workouts and weekly Paleo recipes, meal plans and shopping lists.  PaleoFit Meals provides both Paleo snacks nationwide and prepared Paleo meals to the Kansas City area. 
“Both BodeeFit’s and PaleoFit’s goals are to help people live fit lives,” explains Graham Ripple, co-founder of PaleoFit.  “This campaign was a great success for us.  We shipped our PaleoFit products all over the country.”

PaleoFit is very new to the Kansas City area, launching in 2013.  The health-focused startup ships clean jerky and Paleo Pouches (a “trail mix” of sorts) across the nation (their biggest buyers include Kansas City, Oklahoma City, New York and Florida).  In addition, PaleoFit provides a wide variety of healthy, prepared meals to the Kansas City area (and plans to expand to more cities in the future).  Although PaleoFit is a brand new startup, Ripple has big plans for PaleoFit throughout the year and into 2014, including more partnerships.

“We are building our infrastructure and are hoping it turns into new partnerships with nutritionists, gyms and doctors,” he explains.  “We want to be partnership-friendly as we build.  That’s going to be our focus as we move forward."

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