Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fired up from 1Week KC? The Next Big Entrepreneur Event is On Its Way!

There’s no doubt about it--the second annual 1Week KC event was a huge success.  We saw more innovative collaborations, more networking, and more ideas than any other single week here in Kansas City.  But now we need to focus on what we should do with all of the great ideas we developed during 1Week KC.  That’s where iKC: The Unconference comes into play--it’s the opportunity to take all of the great ideas you’ve generated and turn them into action. 

What is iKC: The Unconference?  

First, allow us to define “unconference” for you.  An unconference is an open format conference that facilitates activity, conversations and collisions between individuals. Attendees actively create the unconference agenda with the assistance of a skilled facilitator where all the sessions become relevant and engaging. 

iKC: The Unconference is unlike any other Kansas City conference you’ve been to before.  iKC is a brand new way to  unite entrepreneurs and innovators in Kansas City and initiate action throughout the community. 

Here’s How It Works!
  1. Submit a Topic:  What the day looks like is entirely up to you!  If you have a great idea, submit it to iKC: The Unconference.  Who knows?  An entire session may be built around your idea. 
  2. Come to the Unconference: On October 3, join us at iKC: The Unconference and see your ideas come to life!  
  3. The Agenda is Created: Based off of your submitted ideas, the iKC agenda will be created.  The morning of the unconference, you will see which ideas become conference topics.

Take Action Now

Unconferences are only as successful as the ideas that people submit for them.  We’re asking you, Kansas City, to submit topic ideas that YOU want to see covered at iKC!  From your submitted topic ideas, we will create the schedule for iKC.  Remember; no idea is too crazy (we’ve already had one submission about nap time increasing productivity!). Submit your ideas here.

Sponsor iKC

iKC is looking for sponsors to become a part of the unconference!  Interested in sponsoring? Click here.

iKC: The Unconference will take place on October 3, 2013 at H&R Block World Headquarters in downtown Kansas City.  Tickets go on sale on August 1.  

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