Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What Happens in Vegas Won’t Stay in Vegas: Think Big’s SXSWV2V Experience

Admit it. We’ve all had a very similar experience to that of The Hangover when visiting Las Vegas. And although pictures and stories do arise from trips to Vegas, most of us tend to leave out the good parts and stick to the “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” mentality. 

But not for Think Big Partners! We want to share with you exactly what we experienced while in Las Vegas for SXSWV2V. And we’ve got the pictures to show it, too.

Think Big Partners headed to SXSWV2V with a few different goals. But the main mission among all six team members was to connect with other entrepreneurs and startups and to spread the word about the Kansas City startup scene. SXSWV2V was the perfect opportunity to do so. The first SXSW event in Las Vegas brought together 1500+ entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and connectors from across the globe. We met people from Austin, Boston, Vegas, Denver, San Francisco, and even some that we didn’t know from Kansas City (just to name a few). We attended a variety of SXSWV2V events and even explored other areas of Vegas known for a thriving startup scene outside of the conference. And of course, we had a lot of fun along the way.

Think Big arrives in Vegas! 
Herb Sih and Blake Miller head to a SXSWV2V networking event.

Team bonding at Minus 5 in THEhotel.

Think Big co-founder Herb Sih hosted a SXSWV2V mentor session on Monday morning.

SXSWV2V’s second keynote, Steve Case.  

Partners of Think Big playing a game of "bags" at the SXSWV2V Tech Cocktail event. 

After attending the Tech Cocktail and Chic CEO events, Think Big explored downtown Vegas.

The next day, Think Big toured Tony Hseih’s apartment and learned about the Downtown Project.

Vegas’ “Wall o’ Ideas” provided great inspiration for the KC startup scene.

This isn’t our first rodeo...Tech Trek was in Vegas not too long ago!

Think Big left its mark at usr/lib coworking space in downtown Las Vegas.

Touring Work In Progress, Vegas’ most well-known coworking space.

Think Big stopped for lunch at one of Vegas’ local joints.  This one boasts “Time is precious, waste it wisely.”

Think Big then co-hosted KC @ V2V with LaunchKC.  It was a great opportunity for Vegas entrepreneurs to learn about the KC startup scene.

Vegas was a great place for the Think Big team to bond, make great business relationships and spread the word about Kansas City entrepreneurship!  Thanks for having us! 

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