Monday, August 5, 2013

What Happens in Vegas...Was Laundered Through Kansas City

To the average citizen, Las Vegas and Kansas City don’t have a whole lot in common.  Kansas City’s Power & Light District will never live up to the pulse and energy of the Vegas strip.  Vegas will never have the succulent, lip-smacking barbecue that Kansas City is famous for.  Kansas City will always have insane summer humidity while Vegas boasts a nice, dry heat.  And Vegas won’t ever have the same wholesome, Midwestern mentality that is always found in Kansas City.  To the naked eye, Vegas and KC can’t get more opposite. 

But believe it or not, Kansas City and Vegas have more in common than one may think.  The commonality that the two share lies within the power of entrepreneurship.  Both cities are booming with startup success stories, entrepreneurial initiatives and powerful leaders.  From Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project to KC’s own LaunchKC initiative, both cities are on the verge of becoming the nation’s next startup hubs.

Which is why members of the Think Big Partners team are heading west to Vegas for the first SXSW V2V.  SXSW V2V offers entrepreneurs from across all creative industries a place to learn the skills, make the connections and find the inspiration to take their ideas and talents to the next level.  Over 1500 thought leaders will be in attendance at the first ever SXSW event in Las Vegas.

Think Big Partners’ involvement in SXSW V2V is more than just attendance.  Herb Sih, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Think Big Partners, is hosting a mentor session on creativity and inspiration from 10:15AM-11:15AM on Monday, August 11 at the Cosmopolitan.  At the session, Herb will be providing expertise and knowledge via a one-on-one career council to SXSW V2V attendees.  Sign up for a one-on-one session with Herb here.  And be sure to tweet #mentorsih on Monday! 


Another great opportunity for Kansas City entrepreneurs is the private networking reception that will be hosted at THEhotel.  The event is KC@V2V, a penthouse party with plenty of tempting cocktails, exceptional talent and powerhouse networking on the evening on Tuesday, August 13.  To learn more about the event, click here.  For further information, please contact Rachel Scott at

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