Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nominate Your Favorite Tweeps to Win Free Tickets to iKC!

Do you know of a startup or small business that deserves to win a free ticket to iKC, but hasn’t purchased one yet? We want you to nominate them to win a ticket to the unconference! 

We’re giving away 2 free tickets to 5 different deserving groups and individuals nominated by our Twitter followers. The contest begins Monday, September 23 and runs until Friday, September 27.

Nominating an innovative organization is as easy as 1, 2, tweet! Follow iKC on Twitter (@iKC2013) and tweet @iKC2013 in 140 characters or less who you think could contribute innovative ideas at iKC and deserves a free ticket to the unconference.

Entrepreneurs are known for their innovative ideas; the goal of iKC is to make meaningful collisions that result in ideas that make an impact on our community as a whole.  So be sure to nominate people who not only deserve a ticket, but who can help create collisions and action at iKC 2013!

Nominate the innovators in your life today! Tweet @iKC2013

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