Monday, November 25, 2013

Deadline Approaching: Think Big Accelerator Application Window Closes December 6th

The application window for the next class of Think Big Accelerator companies will close on December 6th 2013. As our search for entrepreneurs with passion for taking big ideas and turning them into profitable and scalable companies continues, I sat down with Accelerator Director Blake Miller who addresses some of the most commonly asked questions of potential applicants.

  • Should entrepreneurs wait until closer to the deadline to the December 6th deadline to submit their ideas in hopes of improving their chances?
“I definitely encourage entrepreneurs first and foremost to apply when they believe they are ready to build and or grow their business. With that said, we've been evaluating applications and arranging first interviews with founding teams as applications have come in."

  • What do you tell entrepreneurs who are apprehensive of signing up based on the stage of development they're at?
“We encourage entrepreneurs to have a product they have launched or can launch within the next 180 days. We provide the most value when bringing products to market or developing a strategy to do so. We have had great success in helping refine a company’s product-market fit beyond a first prototype, getting a first marquee or name brand customer, helping new apps achieve their first 50,000 downloads or propelling a company towards their first 100k in revenue.”

  • What is Think Big's view on submitting multiple ideas?
“We believe at this stage in a business life cycle the founders should be most passionate about building one business. Although we recognize that there are outliers, we've found that the best businesses are built with focus and passion. Founders should also have a very firm grasp on the problem that they are solving, and the solution they are creating. Having domain expertise is invaluable and often the difference between a good idea that has no market, and a great idea that has 10 customers ready to buy the day you launch.”

  • Should entrepreneurs only submit ideas that they think "fit" Think Big Partners? 
“There are definitely businesses that we provide more value in than others. If you have a question as to whether we may be a fit, please email or tweet us! We especially like AgTech, Financial Technology, Consumer Technology, Process Technology and Health Care Technology. We also have a strong background in building apps and mobile platforms.”
If you have a big idea that is ready to launch and grow, we want to meet you. The application window for the next Think Big Accelerator closes on December 6th, 2013. Interested entrepreneurs are encouraged to learn more about the Think Big Accelerator model by contacting us via email or visiting

Are you ready to take the next step in growing your startup? If so apply for the Think Big Accelerator before it’s too late.

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