Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's up with Paruzia Post-Gigabit Challenge?

David Eck and Jason Arnold of Paruzia Technologies celebrate their Gigabit Challenge win.

Paruzia Technologies walked away with The People’s Choice Award during The Gigabit Challenge Finale on January 18, 2012 and is now amplifying its marketing initiatives, bringing in new clients and analyzing their ability to use Google Fiber post-Finale.
Despite being one of the only startups that didn’t focus on software development at the event, Paruzia Technologies snagged the People’s Choice Award at The Gigabit Challenge Finale by winning 33% of the public vote. Now that Paruzia has been honored with this award, the small business from Grandview, Missouri is making new plans for a successful 2012.
“We had to put sales on hold during The Gigabit Challenge,” said David Eck, co-founder of Paruzia Technologies. “We are now shifting gears and bringing in new clients. The Gigabit Challenge has allowed us to further develop our platform.”
The Gigabit Challenge, powered by Think Big Partners, was a global business plan competition looking for new applications to disrupt technology on the Google Fiber Network. Prizes included a $100,000 Grand Prize, a $250,000 Born Global Prize and The People’s Choice Award, which was won by Paruzia Technologies via online poll.
“The People’s Choice Award was the best award we could have won,” said Eck. “It proves we know how to rally people together, that people like us and that people trust us. That’s what’s most important. But in addition, we needed what we won! Now, we have a place like bizperc to go to and a place to bounce ideas off others. We are looking forward to partnering and coworking.”
Paruzia was one of the 17 Finalists to present at The Gigabit Challenge Finale in front of 17 esteemed judges from Kansas City and from across the nation.
“ addition to giving the most polished and cohesive pitch at the event...[Paruzia Technologies] presented the best solution that could take advantage of fiber in Kansas City for small businesses,” said Chris Bernard, Gigabit Challenge judge, in a recent article in Silicon Prairie News.
Post-Gigabit Challenge, Paruzia Technologies has also decided to use The People’s Choice Award as a marketing tactic. The company is celebrating The Gigabit Challenge win by offering the first 10 qualified businesses a complimentary analysis on how to speed up workflow and how to cut costs. To learn more about this opportunity, visit and fill out the request form.
Pauriza Technologies is a Grandview, Missouri-based cloud integrator that uses best-in-class products and services to deliver high-value IT solutions. Paruzia offers technology services such as hosted desktops and servers, backup, disaster recovery, email, collaboration, ERP, accounting, CRM and more. As modern-day abolitionists, Paruzia Technologies has a vision to end modern-day slavery and the sexual exploitation of women and children by giving 5% of revenue or 20% of its profit (whichever is greater) to anti-trafficking efforts in tandem with Exodus Cry. To learn more about Paruzia Technologies, visit
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